Club Corrals

As part of our effort to make the VW Nationals more club friendly, we will be offering club corrals again this year.

  1. Members parking in club corrals would be required to pay the show entry fee ($25).
  2. Corrals will border the show area and will be the size of two swap spots – the club will pay for a single swap spot ($25).
  3. We need a 6 car minimum commitment from the club.
  4. The club can park their vehicles in any configuration they want within the corral.
  5. Popup tents for club “HQ” is alright but must be secured to not fly away.
  6. Cars in the club corrals ARE in the show – however club members should remember that the VW Nationals is a participant judge show & shine and cars parked in corrals may not get the same attention as cars parked within their designated classes.

July 15, 2018 – Pacific Raceways, Seattle, WA